How To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus

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Have you ever thought of categorizing diseases and conditions as those which could threaten your life, those which are not very serious and those which cause embarrassment to you? Fingernail fungus would probably fall into the latter category. In extreme cases your fingernails could rot and could even fall off, so get rid of fingernail fungus as soon as soon as possible if you happen to be suffering from it.

Fingernail fungus could be described as fungus growing within the nail. Since fingernail fungus happens to be quite contagious, try to get rid of it during the first stages itself if don’t want it to affect your family and friends. If you do have fingernail fungus, minimize contact with other people and if you don’t have this problem, try to stay away from those who have already contracted fingernail fungus. It often takes time to get rid of fingernail fungus so making sure that you don’t contract it would be much easier.

There are many medications for this condition. Earlier some people used to use medication like Lamisil to get rid of fingernail fungus. This medicine might work but it has become less popular due to the side-effects of this medication. Most medications that were used for fingernail fungus earlier have now been found to have serious side-effects like liver problems. Thus herbal medications are now widely used to get rid of fingernail fungus.

Vinegar is one such medication that has come to the forefront in the war against fingernail fungus. You can mix it with either hydrogen peroxide or even with water to get rid of fingernail fungus. However keep in mind that before applying such medication you should scrub and wash your fingernails thoroughly before drying them. Apple cider vinegar might be the most popular medication against this condition right now and don’t try to use homemade treatments recommended to you by your friends who don’t know much about how to get rid of fingernail fungus. These methods would not have been popular if they were not effective.

Tea tree oil and orange sticks are also used for this purpose and there are courses of medication for fingernail fungus which involves many of these items. Following such a course of medication consistently might help you to get rid of fingernail fungus quickly, but keep in mind that the time period would depend on your condition and the effectiveness of your medication.

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